When your doctor can’t see you,
We can, 24/7/365

Consult a health care provider anytime, anywhere
from your computer or smartphone


When your doctor can’t see you,
We can,

Consult a primary care provider anytime, anywhere
from your computer or smartphone

ERatHome gives you affordable & convenient options

24/7 Access to Healthcare

Quality care from experienced doctors is just a click away.

No More Waiting Rooms

Quickly figure out whether you need an in-person visit, medicine, or emergency care.

Added Convenience

Our clinicians can prescribe medicine, schedule follow-up appointments, & relay your information to your primary provider.

Affordable Healthcare

 ERatHome provides an affordable alternative for non-emergent medical care.

How ERatHome Works

  1. First, you log in & set up a virtual appointment with a care provider

  2. Next, the care provider diagnoses you

  3. Then, they suggest your treatment options

  4. Finally, they send details to your primary doctor


The ERatHome app gives you control over your healthcare


With the ERatHome app, you can…

Store medical information for you & your family in one place

Talk to a clinician 24/7 for urgent care

Make follow-up appointments with your primary care provider

Get reminder alerts for your treatment plan

Read educational articles about your diagnosis & treatment

Earn redeemable points for taking charge of your healthcare

Primary Care Providers & Specialists

Connect Your Practice to ERatHome

Deliver better healthcare value to patients by linking our complementary service with your practice.

Learn How ERatHome Will Help Your Practice

Urgent Care Centers

Join the ERatHome Network

Add telemedicine or just let ER at Home triage patients to your office as an additional revenue stream and stand out in the competitive urgent care market.  Have an exclusive territory!

ERatHome for Urgent Care Practice Centers

Over XX Locations Nationwide

About ERatHome

ERatHome is a network of telehealth-integrated retail clinics and home-based urgent care positioned to serve in a unique tier as a partner to a community’s existing healthcare infrastructure.